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First off, thanks for taking the time to visit! Whether you leisurely (or accidentally) stopped by or you’re my mom, WELCOME!

As a nice introduction to the person you may or may not think about when you visit this website, my name is Zach Aldana. I’ll let my ego tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Music with a focus in voice. So, I’m “certified” to comment on music because I know what I’m talking about… yeah. I have 10 years worth of classical training and a wide variety of repertoire from Franz Shubert and Robert Schumann to Benjamin Britten and Francis Poulenc.

Along with my solo music, I have years of choral experience under my spiffy black tie(s) — I have like 10 of them. I’ve sung in church choirs, high school and university choirs, professional gigs I got from “people I know”, you name it, I’ve done it. Probably. I became so involved in choir that I ended up being choir president for both my high school and university programs, head of PR and the “graphics” guy, and pursued many other stressful ventures that cut off 5 to 10 years of my life. However, I’ve had some amazing experiences performing nationally and internationally. All for free, by the way. I’m a genius, I know.

Aside from my classical background, I know a thing or two about other sectors of music. I love every type of genre. God, that’s such a basic answer; but honestly, that’s how it is, so go away. I mean STAY AND SEE THE SITE. To clarify, I typically listen to everything that I come across. Maybe for one hour or maybe for 20 seconds — but I still listen. Yes, I have my opinion and yes, sometimes that opinion can be premature or controversial or even flat out stupid. Nonetheless, I always try my best to keep as open-minded as possible and steal as much from those who deserve to be stolen.. from… eh. Ok.

Speaking of stealing, I make music as well! Cover songs are an easy go-to for performance experience, especially if you can put your own spin to it. I’ll perform them for 18 people or 18,000 people (ehem, there’s a video on YouTube) and be just as nervous and excited anyways — probably more nervous about 18. Writing songs is cool, too, because I get to have fun with nothing and come out with a song, brilliant or blah.

Anyhow, let’s get to why you came here.

Musical Life is all about music. Obviously. What I want to see out of this blog, however, is just random stuff about music. No direction. Who needs direction? Ok, let’s be honest. I don’t know what this is or what I’m going to do with it. That’s the exciting part, though. I have no expectations as to what ends up getting posted. Whatever does, I’m either taking all the credit or blaming Miley Cyrus. Why did I bring Miley Cyrus up, I don’t know. I’m sure that’ll be the scope of this whole site.

Welcome to fydiac, get your daily music fix here!


Zach Aldana ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

Zach Aldana
I am a musician with a focus in voice. I studied music during my undergraduate years, receiving a degree in Music at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My musical experience stems back from when I was three years old singing in a church choir. I've participated in numerous choirs, some of which have toured internationally from South Korea to Wales. I am also a classically trained singer, performing solos around the world, most notably for Kelly Clarkson's Piece by Piece World Tour at the Allstate Arena in 2015. Aside from performing, I also enjoy songwriting, analyzing music, and of course, stating my opinion about all things music. Aside from that, I am a graphic designer and web developer. I began graphic and web design at the age of eight. In time, I have been commissioned to help schools and universities, businesses, and personal clients develop their presentation and online exposure. ​

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    hello world!

    hello world!

    January 25, 2020